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Visual storytelling & design services. Empower your brand with impactful narratives. Contact smo.sienkiewi@ for consultation.

Wszebor Sienkiewicz

Content Creation | Digital Campaigns | Social Media Management

A dynamic storyteller with a multifaceted background in visual, performative, literary & media arts. I delve into the intersection of social media, marketing, & branding, blending creativity with strategic communication to craft compelling campaigns.

My passion for activism drives me to harness these tools for social progress, and I have built an extensive experience working with NGOs: translating data into images & stories for positive change. 


Videos & Motion Graphics

Videos & Motion Graphics

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All Categories
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Nonprofits & Activism

EU Elections 2024: Manifesto for Sex Workers' Rights

Sx Work & Tech Tarot Cards: Age Verification




Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 13.01.38_edited.png

Wszebor has done an amazing job for the Conscious Action Network and Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP).
We are raising money for BEEHIVES to protect the elephants In the Udzungwa National Park. The main challenge of this campaign is to explain HOW building BEE-HIVE- FENCES achieves this objective.
Wszebor's ANIMATION brilliantly explains this complex issue in an easily understandable, entertaining and inspiring way.
CAN and STEP are very grateful for his amazing contribution to the cause.

Thomas Zachmeier | CAN Managing Director



Content Strategy

First things first. A plan will give us a working foundation, while leaving flexibility to learn from audience reactions & react to emerging trends. The goal is to create content that is impactful, aligned with your brand voice, and that adds genuine value to your organization. 


Content Creation

Time for media design magic! Stories & copy come alive across your formats of choice: graphics, reels, videos, interviews, quotes... The sky is the limit. From visual style to tone of voice, everything will reflect your unique brand identity.


Channel Management

It's more than an account - it's a community, and interaction is the key. We nurture connections, turning audiences into friends, customers, and allies. Every comment answered, every bond strengthened, and treated with the care it deserves. 


Please use the form below, or write me at: / +49 157 82 79 63 20

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